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Sully - Does Your Movie Need An Antagonist? - This week, Jake analyzes the title character (Sully) in the new film starring Tom Hanks and directed by Clint Eastwood.

A movie simply about the exploits of the Krays would have been violent and ruthless, yet by including this damaged part of them – represented in their mother Violet, played to perfection by Billie Whitelaw – we can see who they are and what drives them, which in part is pleasing her.

Gottleib represents the traditional model of science, whereas Newt gets down and dirty, who acts not only as the cool brainiac, but the voice of the audience, too: “Numbers are the closest we can get to the handwriting of GOD!” / “Dude, what?!?!”).

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Two weeks after being named to the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, the auto giant provides a master class in what's wrong with sustainable business.