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Macroglossus minimus. The Long-tongued Nectar Bat is...

Read about Macroglossus minimus (lesser long-tongued fruit bat) on the Animal Diversity Web.

Ideal box location diagram for bat houses

How to Choose a Bat House Location

he did it

Flying Fox Bats Hang from a Limb in an American Samoa Rainforest Photographic Print

Batman, is that you?

Batman, is that you?

About of all mammal species are bats. The world’s lightest mammal is the bumblebee bat. Bats can consume insects in one night. The world's largest bat, the Rodrigues fruit bat, has a wingspan of up to 6 ft.

Amusing Alpaca

The Austrian alpacas given retro hairstyles at their annual shave. The annual alpaca shearing is a ritual on the Austrian farm of Alpaca-Land. The alpacas were given stylish new looks by Carina and Erwin Stadler on the farm near in Goeming, nea

bat and his bear

Ralphie, like other rescue bats, likes to have a Snuggle Buddy to sleep with.aww can I be a rescue bat so I can have a snuggle buddy?

lovely bat ♥

How could you be scared of this little dude.Unless he flew into your long stupid hair. bats are associated with rabies.

Remember the panda ant we featured some time back? Now a rare bat that sports a coat of black and white coat of fur has been discovered in South Sudan’s Bangangai Game Reserve. Nicknamed the ‘panda bat’, the genus Niumbaha superba is a league of its own. As biology associate professor DeeAnn Reeder, who discovered […]

Aw, the cutest bat on Earth has been found and it looks like a toy panda

Rare badger bat — sometimes called the panda bat — found in South Sudan and new genus — Niumbaha superba — created by DeeAnn Reeder.