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How to Use Go Into The Story (Part 4): Study the Craft

But if you want to maximize your chances of succeeding as a professional screenwriter and/or TV writer, go deeper. Black List Writers on the Craft: Read what Black List writers have to say about…

30 Things About Screenwriting: Watch movies. Read scripts. Write pages. | Go Into The Story

You can learn pretty much everything you need to know about screenwriting by doing these three things: Because to be a good screenwriter, you need to have a broad exposure to the world of film.

Script talks with producer Judd Payne on loglines, developing movie ideas, and his upcoming movie with Jamie Foxx.

INDUSTRY INSIDER: Q&A with Producer Judd Payne

Screenwriter’s Guidepost: Can Screenwriting Contests Advance Your Career? - Screenwriting consultant Mario O. Moreno answers the question, “Can entering screenwriting contests really help my screenwriting career?

Think that the key to writing a great script is to be "subtle and mysterious"? Think again! Follow Staton Rabin's "5 Minute Rule" and you can't go wrong.

BREAKING IN: Following "The Five Minute Rule"

Ashley Scott Meyers talks with veteran screenwriter John Jarrell. This is the third installment of the three part series exploring John's screenwriting and career advice.

7 Classic Movie Scripts Every Screenwriter Should Read

Thanks to the great technological advancements, we are provided with home theater solutions available for everyone’s pocket.

What kind of screenwriter are you? When it comes to winning the race to succeed, you can learn from the Tortoise and the Hare, a tale of two screenwriters.

Breaking & Entering: Tortoise and Hare a Tale of Two Screenwriters

Write, Direct, Repeat: Chris Sparling on How Directing Made Him a Better Screenwriter - Kim Garland interviews writer/director Chris Sparling on his journey to getting his breakout film — BURIED — made and his thriving career today.

You gotta analyze movies scene by scene, why are characters talking like that, what is scene doing ⏯️ Sammy Montana #Screenwriting #writingtips #Film #Movie #Video #GenreSummit

BEHIND THE LINES WITH DR: Being Exceptional – Hustle and Show - Doug Richardson takes you into a Hollywood poker game to show the importance of being exceptional and getting just the right amount of attention.

We’re not talking about the benign insincerity you need to actually work in Hollywood... The key to that secret is good manners. Seriously.

Good Manners Pay Off in Hollywood

SELLING YOUR SCREENPLAY: Producer & Screenwriter Alan Trezza on ‘Burying The Ex’ - Ashley Scott Meyers talks with writer/producer Alan Trezza, who wrote and produced 'Burying The Ex,' on his journey from script to screen.

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WRITER’S EDGE: Brainstorming Technique – Odd Couples - Odd Couples is a brainstorming technique involving two people from opposite extremes and throwing them together in conflict.

How To Shorten Your Script  - gideonsway.wordpress.com

How To Shorten Your Film Script

How To Shorten Your Script - gideonsway.wordpress.com

Ray Morton explains how confidence is an important part of screenwriting success. So what can you do to boost your confidence?

MEET THE READER: Screenwriting Success - Confidence Game

BEHIND THE LINES WITH DR: The Sweet Stench of Career Success - In Hollywood, an Oscar guarantees career success. But it certainly changes the dynamics of meetings that happen the day after the famous awards.

The run up to Christmas is the WORST time for making submissions, argues Bang2write's Lucy V. Here's what to do (and not do!) instead, until January ...

Submissions Insanity Extreme Christmas Turkey Edition

ALT-SCRIPT: 2015 The Year I Turned My Back On Hollywood - Clive Frayne believes Hollywood's stranglehold on cinema distribution is ruining your chances of selling original screenplays. Join him in a one year embargo of their films.

6 Reasons why Writers should be Sceptical of Script Hosting sites

Script hosting sites - friend or foe? We look at 6 reasons why screenwriters should tread very, very carefully when dealing with script hosting sites.