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Photo of REM

One of REM's rarest and least heard recordings finally surfaces. In December at the request of their label, IRS Records, REM recorded a .

Should we talk about the weather?... Should we talk about the government? Pop Song 89... (R.E.M.)

Always my favourites, through the years, through changing musical tastes, through life's events.

Need to remember to read the other parts when posted. Part 1 is great - one of my favorite bands and excellent writing.

Part 1: Talk about the passion (Lifes Rich Pageant to Out Of Time)


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About "So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry)”

R.E.M. is sorry

From 'Driver to 'Radio Free Europe', we run through the R. songs to never make the UK Top DiS Does Singles

Green: REM's Greatest Album. The Atlantic.  "Throughout the album, the band often seemed like it was trying to break down another wall—the barrier that separated musicians from their audience. “In some of the earlier stuff, I refused to use the word ‘I’ or the word ‘you,’” Stipe admitted in Should We Talk About the Weather? On Green, he used both pronouns constantly—and often interchangeably, as if the distinction didn’t much matter.

Green: R.E.M.'s Greatest Album

's Greatest Album - The Atlantic The band members at the time of Green. Left to right: Singer Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills, and drummer Bill Berry (Bart Everly/Rhino Media)