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Apologetics Paper on the nature of knowledge and truth

Apologetics Paper on answering skeptics

Arise Series Part 3 - Natural Law & Justice

Arise Series Part 3 - Natural Law & Justice opposition proves there is a God

Let's be scientifically honest with ourselves, the probability of having life arise to greater and greater complexity and organization by chance is the same probability of having a tornado tear through a junkyard and form out the other end a Boeing 747. - Sir Fred Hoyle.

"Let's be scientifically honest with ourselves, the probability of having life…Fred Hoyle - English astronomer

Does Isaiah 53 predict that Jesus would be the Messiah?|The Historical and Literary Context Isaiah 53 | Christian Apologetics and Research M...

The Jesus of the cults is not the true Jesus. The Jesus of the Bible is prayed to and with, worshiped, and called Lord and God.

Thank you!!!! Non-scientists have a seriously flawed understanding of "laws" of nature.

I would modify this a bit. What we call "the laws of nature" are simply our observations of REAL laws which were established by God in creation. We are simply observing the patterns He ordained and established.

Highlights a few of the 2,500 prophesies in the Bible and probability/likelihood of each being fulfilled. Interesting article.

This is a fantastic website. It is all about defending Christianity and working with science. It answers questions for believers, doubters, and skeptics.

My top 10 favorite #homeschool companies. #homeschool

Top 10 Homeschool Companies

Our TOP TEN favorite Homeschool Companies this past school year. Includes survey of the bible, nature studies, writing, unit studies, apologetics-come back to this

The tree of life fairytale or the Cambrian explosion reality?

Richard Dawkins “No qualified scientist doubts evolution is a fact.” 100 Scientists dissent: “We are sceptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life.