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Lemon cichlid at london zoo

Lemon Ciclid (Neolamprologus leleup) is a fish species of cichlid endemic to Lake Tanganyika where it occurs throughout the lake.

Catfish at london zoo

Just a bunch of different catfish species at the aquarium of the london zoo. If you enjoy reading about wei.

Banggai cardinal fish

Banggai cardinal fish (Pterapogon kauderni) at london zoo aquarium

fish and turtles in aquarium, london zoo

Just some turtles and fish from from the london zoo aquarium. If you enjoy reading about weird and bizarre animals you may want to check my strange animals s.

Philippine crocodile (Crocodylus mindorensis)

The Philippine crocodile (Crocodylus mindorensis), is one of two species of crocodile that are found in the Philippines. Also known as the Mindoro crocodile .

Leaf insect (phyllium philippinicum)

These are the leaf insects hold at the london zoo. They belong to the Phyllium philippinicum species.

Penguins at london zoo

Just a bunch of penguins, video shot at the london zoo. Don't know the exact species, feel free to leave a comment if can clarify. The video was shot at the .

Raggedfin lionfish at london zoo

The Raggedfin lionfish or Broadbarred firefish (pterois antennata) is a fish of the genus Pterois, endemic in the tropical Indian Ocean and Western Pacific.

Potto slowly (really really slowly) getting out of its nest

A Potto in London zoo slowly gets out of its nest. The potto (Perodicticus potto) is a strepsirrhine primate of the family Lorisidae, inhabiting the.

Upside down jellyfishes, london zoo

Cassiopea is a genus of true jellyfish of the family Cassiopeidae. Commonly known as the Up side down jellyfish, this strange jellyfish can be found in warme.

Long necked turtles (chelodina mccordi) at london zoo

The Roti Island snake-necked turtle (Chelodina mccordi) is a critically endagered turtle from Rote Island in Indonesia. Unfortunately, this turtle is one of .

Feather duster worm

This is a feather duster worm (Sabellastarte sp). Sabellidae are sedentary marine polychaete tube worms. Their head is mostly concealed by feathery branchiae.

Powder Blue SurgeonFish and some other cute fishes!

Powder Blue SurgeonFish (Acanthurus leucosternon) at the london zoo aquarium. Acanthurus leucosternon is a marine tropical fish o.