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this one is goofy but we'll done. the photos are perfect together because of the way the bird is facing and how it's body lines up with the shoulders of the jacket. the color choice in the jacket was nice too because it compliments the blue on the bird

Hummingbird-Guide Store Testimonials. Excellant Customer Service Satisfaction.

Beautiful...amazing...awesome...majestic. Thirteen birds in flight!!!


Credits: Bird: Skull: *jagged-eye Textures: ~EricaMarieArt & *Sirius-sdz Graves: ~LuizDG Gorund: ~night-fate-stock Rest of the stock is ... Sir Nevermore

All through the Spring and Summer, our birds serenade us in our gardens, I love the song of the birds, so let us remember our little freinds during the winter snows....

Tufted Titmouse. Please check out this awesome drawing by Mondlichtfalter! The Take Off

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