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Word. I used it a thousand times without realizing it. Plus, I tutor kids so there's that.

Lol we need to ban algebra & give kids a math class on budgeting expenses & how to manage good credit! That's real life math!

Asgardians :)

noisyman: “ Thor and Loki checking out Black Widow’s ass. ” —> Thor and Loki getting caught looking at Black Widow’s “ass-ets.” Lol, they really are brothers.

sometimes friendships end because people grow apart. other times, they end because people are assholes and you deserve better

Life isn't a fairy tale. If you lose your shoe at midnight you might want to slow down on the tequila. ( Makes me laugh )

Pretty much

Pretty much

#jwhumor #ypabook lol

#jwhumor #ypabook lol

Sounds like it might be a lot safer than making plans to kill your neighbour...the worst thing that would happen would be France and England gossipping about the U.S. behind her back, or laughing about Germany's fashion sense.....lol

Women and War. Hahahaaaa hilarious If women ruled the world. There wouldn't be any wars just a bunch of countries not speaking jokes of humor lol memes