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This is a picture of Niall looking as adorable as ever with his crooked smile! You didn't even notice till I said something did you. Admit it.admit it.ADMIT IT AND ADMIT IT NOW!

celoso chico

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Niall girl 4 lyfe

What These Bruises Say (Niall Horan Romance) - Fights, Running, and Niall Horan - anchorsahoy

Niall Horan in front One Direction Tour bus

here is one direction's biggest fan everybody. I've heard he's been to every concert, every VIP, knows the boys on a personal level, and has been pulled on stage multiple times.<<< He also knows where they live and has their phone numbers.

With braces or not his smile is perfect, any girl should love him. <3 he's perfect its sad he doesn't know! xx

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Niall Horan is one of the singers in one direction and i am a big fan of one d

Love Niall Horne one direction

Keep calm and love niall horan! We're directioners and dont keep calm.

@Niall Dunican Horan u are so truely amazing!! Love u so much babe!!!:)-eila

Lol British people wear american things and w wear british things.