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I don't ship the, the way others do but I like them together, working as a team.

Sherlock looks so wondrous and John is just like, *sigh*" John's face is just precious here.

You're not my real Detective Inspector! <<<< No, Jawn! He's not my real Detective Inspector! You can't make me listen to him!!!

You're not my dad. You can't tell me how to do this case. Where is papa Lestrade?

If i invited you to this board PLEASE READ: make sure you refrain from pinning the following: any remotely off topic pins, any using profanity (even in the website name) and any sexual references. You will get three warnings and then I will have to dismiss you from the board. I strive to keep all of my boards and pins completely clean and respectful so please help me keep them that way. Thanks and happy pinning! -AlliK

"You look sad when you know he can't see you." Sherlock Holmes betrayed his brother, drugged his parents, killed a man, and almost got himself killed, all for the happiness of John Watson.

Sherlock, gif. http://pinterest.com/aggiedem/sherlock-addict/ http://pinterest.com/aggiedem/sherbatched-or-cumberlocked/

Sherlock, gif. http://pinterest.com/aggiedem/sherlock-addict/ http://pinterest.com/aggiedem/sherbatched-or-cumberlocked/

pretty much yeah..

More like "Hell naw!" He should be with John.I don't want to start a ship war.<<<< I never meant to start a war, I just wanted you to ship Johnlock.

Most accurate thing ever. Except for the last one I had to pause my Netflix because I fell off the couch giggling and whispering, "Whaaaaaaaat happeeeened????"

Haha, but the Sherlolly kiss was happy fangirl shrieks. <<--- Only for those who ship sherlolly!

Eurus: Every time I close my eyes, I'm on the plane. I'm lost, lost in the sky and... no-one can hear me: Sherlock Open your eyes. I'm here.. You're not lost anymore.

Eurus: Every time I close my eyes, I'm on the plane. I'm lost, lost in the sky and. no-one can hear me: Sherlock Open your eyes.<<This scene was very confusing, but so sweet. Look at Sherlock comforting his sister😊


New favorite tv show besides doctor who. Someone told me about supernatural and it's been suggested to me by Netflix.