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Shigatsu wa kimi no uso; if you didnt drown in tears watching this last episode, u r not human

Shigatsu wa kimi no uso, kaori, quotes, feels~ just reading this gets me all teary eyed

tu tu tu tu come hai fatto a ingannare te stesso a pensare che saresti stato amato quando sei così brutto

Don't worry kaneki you don't know I exist cuz u don't but I lu woooo

pixiv(픽시브)는 작품의 투고・열람을 즐길 수 있는 「일러스트 커뮤니케이션 서비스」입니다. 폭넓은 장르의 일러스트가 투고되며, 유저가 마련한 기획이나 기업 공인 콘테스트가 개최되고 있습니다.

pixiv is an illustration community service where you can post and enjoy creative work. A large variety of work is uploaded, and user-organized contests are frequently held as well.

The thing is this post is wrong about this post is that cats have more curiosity then humans and remember the quote " curiosity killed the cat"? There's a reason that was made. The quote shouldn't only be about "humans". Nothing can surpress thoughts which  mostly is curiosity and everything can think.-sdcupcakes/shannon the otaku

Uuh yeah no words can express how curious I am about that basement! SEASON Shingeki No Kyojin

Às vezes você tem que desistir de suceder. Porque segurar sobre dói mais do que deixar ir.

Wining is loosening and loosening is winning you can have both but only one , but in the end it'll always work out

I'm scared too...[ Depression  - Quote Anime Quote ]

I thought i might put on some expressions or quotes from now on but not only

Corpse Party

But they still have it even if it holds nothing but pain and anger, It's still a cold dark beating heart

Seriously | via Tumblr on We Heart It

"It wasn't a joke.I really will pound that kid into the dirt."// I feel like there's gonna be a lot of drama with this Jesus