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From Austin Blood. True.

Good reminder "No matter how good of a woman you are, You will never be good enough for a man who isn't ready." AINT THIS THE TRUTH.

you just can't

i have so many more things to worry about. so done caring about you. i miss the memories not you, you've changed. and frankly im not a huge fan of the new you. so fuck you, and time to focus on fixing myself and readying myself for real life.

It hurts . . .

it hurts to let go, but sometimes it hurts more to hold on. letting go is hard and it hurts, but sometimes its for the best. if you hold on to something, it would turn out bad and ruin your future or friendship.


breakups hurt, but losing someone who doesn't respect and appreciate you is actually a gain, not a loss. (this goes for friendship breakups, too.I know this, just had to "breakup" with a so-called friend)

Never make excuses for someone who disrespects you--Who they are or what they do isn't a pass to treat you like trash!

I should have remembered this former my cousin Jai the other night at dinner when he made that incredibly rude comment to the waitress and hurtful comment to me!

Go where your heart pulls you - BrassyApple.com

Her heart finally told her to stop wasting her time. I don't know if I can ever completely get over you, but I AM moving on.