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11 Foods You Shouldn't Refrigerate

11 Foods You Shouldn't Refrigerate! Cos it will destroy its natural antioxidants & many other various reasons...Good to know!

Tuesday Ten: How to Make Your Groceries Last Longer

to make cheese last longer: add a dab of butter to the cut side of cheese to prevent it from drying out. also, wrap cheese in wax paper (not plastic) and then place it into a reusable baggie and store it in the warmest area of your fridge (i.e., not your chiller drawer)

Are expiration dates causing you to waste food

Are expiration dates causing you to throw away food that's perfectly good? I did some research and found the words in front of the date make a difference.

Yes, It Matters What Kind Of Onion You Use

This explains why I thought I hated onions growing up. My parents used white or red for EVERYTHING. Except of course the things they're recommended for. As an adult, I discovered yellows and sweets, and it turns out I like onions just fine.

13 Crucial Money-Saving Charts You Wish You Knew About Sooner

To keep from wasting money, freeze specific foods when you can.