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SkyWatchTV News 7/1/15: US Restores Relations With Cuba - YouTube

It's official: After 54 years, the United States will reopen an embassy in Havana. Also: ISIS strikes Egypt's military while threatening Hamas and Christians.

Supernatural facts. The last one is cuz the brothers are incredibly attractive and have great personalities on the show and in real life

all the characters are very attractive men guys for the most part, not suprised the female rate is higher lol

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Wendigo page from The Supernatural John Winchester Journal replica.

Supernatural 13x06 - Tombstone #Tombstone #Supernatural #Winchester

Supernatural 13x06 - Tombstone #Tombstone #Supernatural #Winchester

Hehe .These. That last one though.... I'm a bit addicted to supernatural....

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When Supernatural ends forever, somewhere in the background in the finale, there should be a news report about Carver Edlund's cult book series is being turned into a TV series <--- oh my, I think I would die!

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