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Most beautiful birds in the world

This spring alone, an estimated 50 million birds will pass through Toronto to reach their breeding grounds on the coast of the Hudson's Bay Lowlands after wintering in warmer climates. Due to its position on the lake and the varied natural habitats it...

Most beautiful birds in the world

This is my collection of most beautiful birds in the world. I update it when ever i get time, most of these have been emailed to me by my friends and some i have selected from internet. Hope you enjoy this colourful hub. Don't Forget to share...

The Red-billed Blue Magpie is a stunning bird but *not* a good neighbor. It takes a wide range of food, such as invertebrates, small animals, fruit and seeds. However unfortunately it robs nests of eggs and also small chicks!

Colorful birds - Orange-backed Troupial bird - It is found in Guyana, Brazil, Paraguay and eastern Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.

Mountain Chickadee sighted in our yard Oct 29, 2014. We've always had daily visits from Black-capped Chickadee but never Mountain Chickadee until this week.