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QUIZ: Which Disney Dad Do You Have?

The Super, Fantastic, Terrific Podcast In this Podcast we discuss Top 5 Movie Dads

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The first movie I’m writing about in 100 Days of Disney is a favourite of mine – Finding Nemo.

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About two years ago, I was on a Disney character drawing spree and I did a bunch of character lessons.


Have you heard the one about the mollusk and the sea cucumber?

Bruce in 'Finding Nemo' is named after another famous movie shark -- the one from 'Jaws.' It's the nickname of the great white in the scary 1975 movie -- in honour of Steven Spielberg's lawyer Bruce Ramer!

Disney Finding Nemo MOVIE MISTAKES, Goof and Fails by Pixar After his son Nemo is captured in the Great Barrier Reef and taken to Sydney, a timid clownfish s.

Pearl is a pink flapjack octopus in Finding Nemo. She says she has one shorter tentacle than the rest, though this is barely noticeable. She is pink like her father, but unlike him, her face is positioned in the middle. She also claims to be able to walk on land. Whenever she gets nervous or scared, she squirts her squid ink, or "inks" as she calls it. One of Mr. Ray's students, Nemo meets Pearl and her friends, Tad and Sheldon, while waiting to start school. She was part of the group who...

Pearl (Finding Nemo)

Here you can see the Finding Nemo Character Clipart collection. You can use these Finding Nemo Character Clipart for your documents, web sites, art projects or presentations.