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Grab by Yudi Lim ~ This is a magnificent photograph that captures the enormous strength and beauty of God's creature.

Tiger Grins for the Camera

say cheese! Tigers have only 30 teeth. All cats have temporary teeth that come in within a week or two after birth, referred to as milk teeth similar to humans' baby teeth. Tigers have the largest canines of all big cat species ranging in size from t

#Korat #Kitten #Whiskers Domestic short-haired cat, #TabbyCat Sketch, Meow, Lolcat - Photo by @blackworknow - Follow #extremegentleman for more pics like this!

#Korat #Kitten #Whiskers Domestic short-haired cat, #TabbyCat Sketch, Meow, Lolcat - Photo by @blackworknow - Follow #extremegentleman for more pics like this!

Dandylion/Lion = Dandylion - Mixing vegetables and animals illustration series “Samples from the Lab” by Rob Foote, South Africa.


Karl Bang also here Karl Bang's collection of art masterpieces could easily be called Goddess Central. Karl was born as Bon.


Eve and Rib steampunk fairy skeleton Jasmine & Matthew David Becket - art by Jasmine Becket-Griffith clockwork fairy steampunk wings art skull illustration >>>AWW.

Tiger cub getting some

Tiger cubs can be so cute ♥ , but still they can be never domesticated pets.

Just hanging out in the jungle w/the kids

A white tiger with baby cub. The white tiger is not an albino as they simply carry a pigment that makes their fur white. White tigers are not easily hidden and have to work harder for their food. The white tiger is primarily found in India.

Gorgeous melanistic animal black lion... click on picture to see more

The Beautiful Black Lion-The opposite of albinism called melanism, a recessive trait where the skin and fur are all black. WOW, first time I ever saw a BLACK LION, AWSOME!


mushroom kid piranha puppy by bobby chiu Spectrum The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art