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Seeing as September is our month for ergonomics, we thought it'd be appropriate to write a blog on ergonomics and why it is important. The Human body was never designed to sit for prolonged periods of time. Our spine and surrounding muscles are designed to regularly move and thus become re-nourished by both blood /oxygen. Even sitting in a good posture without movement for 8 hours a day will take its toll on your back as the vertebrae and discs are designed for movement.

I inherited one of these from my Parents. It moved around the country with us until our last move from Brisbane. It was well used and painted regularly.

DIY Kids Room Ideas - Cupboard Beds For Kids, I love the look of this and how easy for rearranging the room regularly, as I like to do

At Total Care Removals, we often help people to put their furniture into storage while they are away for a period of time. When your property is standing empty though, there are a number of important considerations to take into account. Read More

Awesome blog. She posts FREE giveaways of her basement treasures. She even pays the shipping up to a certain price. There is no catch, she just wants to give her treasures away to those who want and will appreciate them! I'm in..

Oil & Vinegar - Not Just For Salads

How to revive old, dried out wood without refinishing! Just mix two common household ingredients and wipe it on. 3/4 c olive oil mixed with 1/4 c vinegar

Ann Taylor Tells Blind Woman Her Guide Dog Isn’t Allowed In The Store By Mary Beth Quirk June 19, 2012 Hey, retailers — it’s 2012, and if you don’t know that a service dog is a completely acceptable animal to be accompanying a customer in a store according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, you really need to update your employees. And yes, we mean you, Ann Taylor.

THE ART OF NEGOTIATING: One of the keys to getting a property that is good value, is the art of negotiating. I bet you have come across a really good negotiator, one where they can get thousands and thousands off the price - of anything! From cars, houses, furniture, they see the price as a starting point rather than the end point. Here are a few trick they probably use.

At City Ballet, Footwear Is Almost as Important as Feet

At City Ballet, Footwear Is Almost as Important as Feet ~ pointe shoes and pointe shoe preparation from the dancers at City Ballet, New York ~ Satellite City Hot Stuff that is usually used on hairline cracks in furniture.--to make shoes last a bit longer ~