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15 most charming Slovak cities & little towns

The gem of Bojnice is the ”fairy-tale” Bojnický zámok Castle, one of the most visited and most beautiful castles not only in Slovakia, but also in central Europe.

Bratislava Slovakia

Michael's Gate Bratislava, Slovakia a small charming city with diverse culture a history that is interwoven with the history of Europe which is reflected in its arts, treasures & historical artifacts.

Košice, Slovakia, 13.1.2017

Košice, Slovakia, 13.1.2017

Image credit: Jonathan. http://reversehomesickness.com/asia/fenghuang-ancient-town/

FengHuang ancient town is dominated by well-preserved wooden stilt houses with red lanterns and is one of the most beautiful cities in China .

KOSICE, SLOVAKIA:  While the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, garners most of visitors' attention, travelers would be remiss to skip over Košice, the country's second city. Located on the eastern side of Slovakia, Košice boasts beautiful gothic architecture, carefully preserved buildings, and plenty of historic charm. Stop by the Villa Cassa to see Europe's oldest coat of arms, or take a stroll through the city center, with its medieval houses and palaces.

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