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Id actually get this.

INFINITY TATTOO :) i love the idea of getting tattoos (mine would probably be infinity or a heart) on our right ring fingers when i get married (so its not covered up my ring on the left hand) my-bucket-list

I want to get my anchor by the time I graduate high school- to remind myself that I can do it, I can get through things.

Check off list! I have a small tattoo on my left hip that my mom designed. It always reminds me of her ♡ Get a small tattoo that means a lot

before i die

So, I'm getting a tattoo this summer. Part of my "New Year, New You" thing I'm starting on my birthday this year.

Before I die I want an autograph of pitbull enrique iglesias and all kpop bands

✔ Get an autograph from a celebrity- {Bucket list} ✔ Not really on my bucketlist at all but since I got one by accident anyways, I thought about putting it here ;

a CRAZY one!! already had a few, but none really pretty like the one in the picture

CHECK✔ I went to an Indian wedding and they were dping henna! It was soo cool, i loved it

Before I die I'll make sure I'm alive-- Done by Zaku at “Nawia Ink” in Kalisz, Poland.

Song-inspired There’s a song by We Are The Ocean called “Before I Die”. This line is one from the chorus. “Take the time to enjoy all the moments. Don’t waste your life, next thing is all over. Before I Die, I’ll make sure Im alive.

get a tattoo! Finally have some picked out just gotta decided where to o ut em & actually Do it

I want so many tattoos like so many! I can't wait to get my first tattoo in 2 years time! Quite literally counting down the days

If they want to... I would love to be part of it. And yes the parenting thing again.

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i WILL watch my kids get married, and i can't wait for the day my husband let's go of his daughter and hands her to her prince charming. i know mike will tear inside!