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Peacock sketch using colored pencil on a watercolor base. Illustrator Morgan Davidson

Animals Drawings from Hundreds of Multicolored Dots

Colour dot animals London-based artist Ana Enshina creates majestic animals by painting multicoloured spots. Dot by dot, she creates a range of creatures from Owls to animals of the sea.

I always found it strange that artists create very beautiful but complicated pictures, like hyperrealism, to show something, that people can easily see themselves. So I just tried to create paintings reflecting the character of different animals using a very simple technique. For me, it's not important, how art is made, but the most valuable thing is what people feel when they look at the painting.

Augenflecken Mauerwerkes

Peahens; two of them .In a rich aubergine.Printed on somerset satin 300mgs paper.Printed on the trusty gocco.

Oregon-based artist Dean Crouser, a lifelong artist that specializes in the watercolor medium, creates these fantastic watercolor paintings of animals. Description from I searched for this on

Majestic Animals Envisioned as Hundreds of Multicolored Dots

London-based artist Ana Enshina uses her creative eye to envision majestic animals as an abundance of multicolored spots. Dot by dot, the watercolorist forms diverse creatures including a statuesque, bright pink flamingo, a graceful whale suspended in the sea, and a distinguished peacock with a lovely array of feathers. Whether she’s focusing on animals found on …

Watercolor Birds by Karolina Kijak Poland based architect Karolina Kijak is also a talented illustrator who specializes in watercolor bird portraits. Delicate and subtle in manner Kijak pieces technique is soft and tender like the fragile body of the bird. The artist manages to capture every detail of a birds anatomy from its signature peak to its multi-layered colorful feathers.