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Elephants mate for life and grieve their mates when they die. As we begin to understand their language, there is even more to learn, from who they choose to be.

I love elephants. One of the happiest times of my life was going to Africa to see them in the wild, close up.

The Weight Of The World (by John Kok)

The weight of the world Photo by John Kok. I personally really like the way that this photo is represented.


OMG She is soooooooo beautiful! but why does she need to be in a Zoo? from source>"Our princess arrives (by Official San Diego Zoo)"

Elephant Love

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. Cape buffalos are quite heavy, weighing in at 1.5 tons and, stand tall at 1.7 meters high and approximately 2.8 meters long. When these animals feel that they are in danger they attack head on, using their extremely sharp horns. Most animals will keep away, humans on the other hand are the only predator that the Cape Buffalo will come across. Statistically Cape buffalo are responsible for more human deaths in Africa than any other large animal.

World has been full of wild animals that are very dangerous. And when it comes to Africa, this continent has many wild animals which are really very dangerous. In fact Africa is the continent on this

Why you should support World Elephant Day this year - Getaway Magazine

Why you should support World Elephant Day this year

After a quick head shake, the dust swirled in the morning light before casting a shadow through the elephant. Photo by Ross Couper

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Halloween elephant with unhappy pumpkin! "An elephant at Howletts Wild Animal Park near Canterbury, Kent, gets into the spirit of Halloween by having a pumpkin party.

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elephant daycare mom watching baby elephant calf and friends , Such an amazing, intelligent, caring, social creature. Please don't visit the circus or buy ivory. These animals deserve so much better

Running Elephants

Did you know that these magnificent creatures could become extinct in our lifetime? Love mommy and baby elephants running together