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let's get down and dirty   #artbywade #missedmybabies #backatit #comingsoon #splish #splash #watercolour #paint #play #oof by wademuir

let's get down and dirty by wademuir

This caught my eye purely for the range of the primary and secondary colours, and how they are in a messy position but it looks good still

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On this picture you see a colour splash from all different colours: primary, seondary and tertiary colors. I want to hang this on my wall

Double Exposure Portraits by Aneta Ivanova | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Double Exposure Portraits by Aneta Ivanova

Fantastic double exposure portraits by Bulgarian photographer Aneta Ivanova. More photography inspiration via InspireFirst

~~ Splash! | foaming waves splash the sand at Pipeline on Oahu’s North Shore, Hawaii | by Paul Manning ~~

Whoever too this had an incredibly fast shutter speed. I am also not entirely sure that words can express how much I am missing the ocean. I love towns by the ocean. I am so eager to get to the sun and the


Inspired By: Rain

The reflection is taken at a good angle because we can see enough of the rain boots. The rest of the person we dont need to fully see, the reflection is good enough for the viewer

Esculturas sonosras de fluidos -  Dentsu e fotógrafo Linden Gledhill.

esculturas sonoras? e de pinturas?!

Dentsu studio + photographer linden gledhill - series of paint sculptures using sound vibrations for Canon’s pixma ink printer brand