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Here's A Mouthwatering Step-By-Step Guide To Making The Most Insanely Delicious Fried Chicken

This is John Besh. He’s one of the best Southern chefs in America and the one recipe he thinks everybody should learn to cook is his grandmother’s fried chicken. | Here's Step-By-Step Guide To Making Perfect Fried Chicken

Savannah Crab Soup, My Father used to love "She Crab Soup"! They sell this all over good!

James Klucharits of ABV | Irish Onion Soup

Bacon-Roasted Roots with Rosemary Honey

Chef Vivian Howard shared a recipe for tasty root vegetables with bacon and rosemary honey.

Sweet Corn Pudding

SWEET CORN PUDDING: ~ From: Foodista.Com ~ Recipe Courtesy of "Chef John Besh." ~ The cooking time of this savory pudding will vary greatly depending upon how hot the mixture is when it goes into the oven. You can make the corn mixture up to a day in advance, refrigerate, and then bake just before serving. ~ This recipe is from My Family Table: A Passionate Plea for Home Cooking by Chef John Besh.

Fried Okra

Fried okra is a staple in Texas and the south, and everyone has their own way to make it. The crust can be flour, cornmeal, or a combination of both; my grandmother used cornmeal, my mother uses mostly seasoned flour, my wife uses both at the same time. They are all good to me. In fact, I cant recall ever meeting a plate or bowl of fried okra that I didnt like. It is easy to make.

Blueberry Cobbler With a Cornmeal-Sugar Cookie Crust

Chef Vivian Howard has used blueberries, blackberries, cherries, strawberries, plums, apricots and peaches in this recipe, as well as figs, apples, oranges and a combination of tangerines and cranberries for a festive-looking holiday cobbler.

Cowboy Chili

Cowboy Chili from ...This recipe is packed with amazing flavor and heat! It is SO good!