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Roll a Sentence (FREE Printable Included)

Making Complete Sentences with Roll a Sentence (FREE Printable Included) ~ Plus more resources for making sentence writing fun! | This Reading Mama

Visual and Found Poetry

found poetry.... OH MY GOSH I WAN TO TRY THIS!!! or just pick out random words from a page and use them in a poem... But this is amazing! It would get you thinking so much so that even if you can't find a poem on the given page, you'll probably find a poem on the blank page in your mind... I'm thinking cure for writers block

Teacher's Pet – Ideas & Inspiration for Early Years (EYFS), Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2) | Literacy

It's getting tougher to choose. I want almost all in some form. So many are connected from perspective. Trying to choose the bases to build on. Competence. Connected to my preparation needs. Connected to Stability & Prosperous & Achievement in my mind as well. But also very basic for me. We've talked before about having a sense of certain people. Strong people. People you don't worry about pitying, cuz you just believe they can handle shit.

Repurposing Duplos into beginning spelling/reading aids

Seriously love this idea! I might would color code words by parts of speech too. Then let kids build sentences based on a color pattern. Just a thought.

Anyone can write a sentence, right? Tips on the right way: How to Write a Sentence [INFOGRAPHIC] #officetips #grammar

How to Write a Sentence [Infographic]

Anyone can write a sentence, right? Tips on the right way: How to Write a Sentence [INFOGRAPHIC] #officetips #grammar

I remember reading this in an article a long time ago and it really striking a chord. I often hear people say that they would rather have their partner be the one who loves them more. There is some narrative that we believe that says "if I don't love you more than you love me I'll never get hurt." It's a distorted belief that let's us hold some form of perceived power and control but has us living and loving from a fear based place. Truth is you don't walk around with power you walk around…