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When Is It OK for Police to Kill an Unarmed Black Person? Check This Chart - Mic

Nobody should be more outraged than a good cop... but they're the ones fired !!!

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BLM only care about black people being killed by white police officers . If they really cared about black lives they would protest the black on black crime rates .


"I worry so much about him out there." "I worry so much about him out there." Newspaper Headline: "Another Black Man Shot"

Police Brutality United States Ferguson

I feel like this is just another example how the criminal system looks at black men. As you can see in the picture it literally one boy with 4 guns pointing at him.

Handcuffed Man Shot, Killed Himself In Cop Car? - "Houdini" commits suicide in the back of a cop car. Do you believe this shit?

Jonesboro Police Chief On Chavis Carter: Shooting Yourself While Handcuffed Is ‘Quite Easy’

Sometimes I wonder what they were thinking? Like how they heck does this even make any sense to anybody? Aren't we all SUPPOSED to be EQUAL? this really doesn't look that equal to me

Justice nowadays…

Funny pictures about Justice nowadays. Oh, and cool pics about Justice nowadays. Also, Justice nowadays.

So many barrier to access! This is why we need reproductive JUSTICE. (Thanks to the Third Wave Foundation!)

Abortion is an economic issue! Anti-choice law-makers are pricing poor women out of their reproductive rights!

Black Lives Matter protest San Francisco.

The light in the background of this picture creates an interesting effect with the shadows cast on the white protester's face. The photo starkly and honestly makes the young black woman's fear come front and center. A well crafted masterpiece.

How sad is it that this conversation is probably happening throughout the country. And how terrifying it must be to have to worry about something happening to you or your child.

Editorial Cartoon: A Lesson - By: Bill Day more from Bill Day Thursday, December, pm