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Team Peeta!!!♥

~ Movie Quote ~ Not in book - they would want to forget, they don't have to remember because they see it in their nightmares

Their last names spell team, all hunger games fans know this!

And throughout Catching Fire, Effie talked about them being a team- Trinket, Everdeen, Abernathy, Mellark: Mind Blown.

olicitytributeee: “ and people call him weak. ”

Next time someone says Peeta Mellark is a weakling. I will show them this. It really bugs me when people say he's a weakling. In the movies Peeta was a bit of a weakling.

It's cute, but I prefer Gale and Katniesss.

Funny pictures about Hunger Games: mind blown. Oh, and cool pics about Hunger Games: mind blown. Also, Hunger Games: mind blown.

Don't know if I pinned this already, but Peeta's just too perfect!

One of the funniest lines of the whole movie…This is why I love Peeta, he lightens up the mood and helps Katniss loosen up(: ----- but Katniss' face tho!

you could live a hundred life times and not deserve him (haymitch - catching fire)

Day Favorite Catching Fire Quote- I just can’t even describe how much I love this quote. From the first time I read it I thought it was a perfect description of Katniss and Peeta. Everything he’s ever done has been for her, and she uses him. A lot.

i know i'm truly a hunger games geek when i laugh at this really lame joke every single time. haha

HAHAHAHAHA I really did laugh out loud when I read this. I love puns. Oh, the Hunger Games.