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the day that thatcher dies

the day that thatcher dies (ding dong the witch is dead)

Four Lies People Always Tell Themselves (And It's Time To Stop)

Four Lies People Always Tell Themselves (And It's Time To Stop)

The Political Awakening of a Republican: 'I Had Viewed Whole Swaths of the Country and the World as Second-Class People' A former Republican tells about how his experiences in post-Katrina New Orleans and then Iraq destroyed his Republican worldview.

Our GMO Food Dollars At Work:  Agribusiness  PAC Contributions to Federal Candidates  Election cycle:      Total Amount: 	17,517,351 	   Total to Democrats: 	5,879,986 	(34%)  Total to Republicans: 	11,618,865 	(66%)  Number of PACs making contributions:	254    Agricultural Services/Products: 3,667,964

Planned Parenthood Poised to Fight Funding Cuts with Powerful Political Machinery -

Mitt Romney Asks If Pennsylvania Bakery's Cookies Were Made At 7-Eleven. The cookies were actually donated to the event by Bethel Bakery, a popular local business. The comment quickly echoed through area news outlets and social media, according to the Wall Street Journal. Residents were not pleased. "Let him eat cake next time," said Bakery owner, John Walsh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLKR3z-6VBo

Romney’s Insult Tour Continues – This Time He Offends His Own Donors

Sale a la luz una polémica cámara oculta a Romney

20 Dominant photo on site at Headline: Romney RIP -- not so fast. 328 x Caption: But Romney, however humbled, has nearly 50 more chances to change the narrative.

Whoopi Goldberg loses cool with Ann Coulter after she says 'White liberals never cared about blacks'

YOU cont. to say Whites are racist; Whoppi Goldberg Vs Ann Coulter on race matters

NBC News has obtained the rest of Obama’s comments, and it is clear his remarks were taken completely out of context. Obama is not talking about redistributing wealth at all — instead, he speaks about competition, the market place and innovation in an effort to improve government services in Chicago.

4 Pinocchios for a truncated, 14-year Obama clip

Obama praised ‘competition’ and markets in full video of ‘redistribution’ talk

President Obama Returns To The White House For Another Term

White House may respond to Texas secession petition