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My pre teen is playing in the pool!?

My pre teen is playing in the pool!

this happened way too often

Teenager Post That moment when you do a MATH problem and your answer isn't even one of the choices

Teen titans

And then there's the dumb Teen Titans Go. The original Teen Titans is amazing

What I say all the time

Ooooohhhh never thought of it that way what do you per homework assignment?

Me; hola! come stas? spanish guy: speaks made fast spanish. me: dude, chill. dora didn't teach me that yet!

Me: "Hola! :)" Spanish guy: *Speaks mad fast Spanish* Me: "Dude, chill! Dora didn't teach me that yet!

This is usually what I do whenever...always. Why live in reality when I can live in my imagination where I'm actually happy. When I leave my imagination and go back to reality I want to cry because I know my dreams will never happen ~M

I do this all the time. Only most of the time the story's never come true.

Totally me

I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE. my suitcase is literally sitting right beside me on my bedroom floor as I type this! we went on vacation about 2 weeks ago!

Yes! Except I never hear my favourite song on the radio

I would just say that it's way more exciting to hear a favorite song on the radio. When your favorite sing is played, there's just that one thing that gets ya up and groovin to it.