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conversation with flower #scienceandmagic #lilbub #bilbobubbins by iamlilbub

I love Carnelian! I also love the fact that she's a midget like Amethyst Artist: ??? (Comment if you know)

How good is my English, uh???....but I admit I didn't understand all the conversations while packing yesterday....

I havent watched these episodes yet because its wrong but i feel so sorry for blue diamond T^T

Warrior Cats Text Messages - Hollyleaf's Death

#wattpad #random The most random conversations and text messages between the Warrior Cats. By: starryeyediceblaze Highest ranking: #91 in Random (Sequel: Warrior Cats Text Messages 2)

How to Be More Interesting When Meeting New People

You might think that being interesting is an innate talent, or that it means you have to be the "life of the party." Neither of those things are necessarily true. If you want to leave a good impression, you don't have to make sure all eyes are on you. Here are some tips anyone can use in any social setting.

A conversation between Ladybug and Chat Noir

A conversation between Ladybug and Chat Noir

No matter how much we argue, there's not a single member of the Harry Potter fandom who doesn't hate Umbridge