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You heard about the things I did RIGHT in Southeast Asia. And whether or not you enjoyed that list, be serious…you couldn’t wait to hear about the stuff I did wrong. Grab the popcorn — the things I did WRONG in Southeast Asia!

Diy cat stuff I did this same thing with an old amazon shipping box that hadn't seen the recycle can yet.

There are a lot of places to get free stuff to sell. Here's how to get free stuff to sell. I did it as a single mom as a way to make a living to be able to stay home with my kids!

Here is a first chunk of stuff I did for Adventure Xpress. Some logo variations that didn’t get used, and some battle backgrounds. Tada! More to come soon.

Before you judge me because I am at home all day long, I am not able to work full time. I am not able to earn my own money. I did not choose my illness. My only wish is to get well, work full time and do all that stuff I did before.

My family of 4 stayed on property at Disney World for a week. Here's what I'd do all over and again, and what I would change next time!

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