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Meet local village boy when travelling Find it a turn-on when he tells you he needs to 'explain the way people think here' to you

Go to festival Spend whole time examining underlying social structures of the sub-culture that is festival Anthropology Major Fox

Anthropology Major Fox

See 'Archeology' Rage that it should be 'Archaeology' Anthropology Major Fox

Anthropology Fox  Top text: “ [Have you picked your focus?] ” Bottom text: “ [Have you picked your favorite child?] ”]  What do you mean I can’t focus on ALL THE THINGS?

Anthropology Fox Top text: “ Writing a paper ” Bottom text: “References take up more space than actual text”

Watch Star Wars Salivate over potential of a galaxy full of cultures And ewok field research.

Anthropology Fox Top text: “Discover Nat Geo ‘Taboo’ ” Bottom text: “All night marathon”] Mod: Booyah. I need to marathon Taboo one of these days.

Anthropology Major Fox haha I really really like these!

Wrote an ethnography about Papua New Guinea?nope, not god's gift to Anthropology Anthropology Major Fox

F Yeah Anthropology Major Fox.

Watch My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding in shame Call it ethnographic/linguistic research to feel better Anthropology Major Fox

Anthropology Major Fox

Tell someone you are cultural anthro major Try to explain that you don't dig in the dirt Anthropology Major Fox

excited about an anthropology meme wonders about cultural si - Anthropology Major Fox

Find Maritime Archaeology field school Become slightly turned on Anthropology Major Fox