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German soldier

German soldier Did Hugo Boss dress all the German military or just the officers and SS?

world war 2 infographic Pinned by www.historysimulation.com

World War II infographic: There are a two inaccuracies here: isn't quite a number, and the map of Germany is from 1990 after Germany's reunification,. But overall an interesting and informative graphic.

28 Harrowing Pictures Of World War II In The Pacific

28 Of The Most Powerful Pictures From World War II In The Pacific

Haze was convinced he would only go off to World War II for around 4 months, but ended up fighting for 4 years. This hardened him inside. He went into the war intending to go back and be a preacher like his grandfather, but came out an atheist.

Probably the best picture I've ever seen of planes and ships during WW II. Wow.

and fly in formation during surrernder ceremoneis, Tokyo, Japan - USS Missouri left foreground - Sept 1945