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All. But mostly Niall cuz my last name is Robbins

I'm surprised Niall's wasn't Nandos. But oh well, I'll just go with Niall to Baskin Robins then.

Preference for @✿ƨαяαн ρσɛнℓмαии✿

Oh my flipping goodness me and Niall r so perfect cuz hunger games is my favorite book series ever oh my gawddddddd

One Direction Preference Where He Takes You Shopping Niall always gets me

One Direction Preference Where He Takes You Shopping>>>Of course Harry take you to Victoria Secret

"1D preference-your house" by browniebrunie ❤ liked on Polyvore

I want nialls it looks like a castle and i would be his princess so it fits

<3 Louis and zayn

He takes a picture from behind. {All those girls are sooooo beautiful :/ }

Nialls and Louis and Harry's are funny but Liam's is the prettiestyes but Harry's is the one

My favorites(And the ones that literally are me XD) are the ones from Louis and Harry XD For Louis', I am a unicorn. For Harry's, I am very very clumsy.

I love Louise's.His case is so cute.I love that movie so much it was so cute.I ❤ all of theses cases and all of the movies.This is so cray cray!

One Direction Preference - matching phone cases HARRY HARRY HARRY oh my goodness I love Harry's! I love that movie>>>>I love Nialls!