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''Painted Face''  ... At 1st I thought it was a painting ... ''But'' instead  it's a woman with a painted face!   Pretty neat huh?!

Genius work: faces as optical illusions by photographer Alexander Khokhlov & makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan

Belinda's creations are quite incredible (SWN)

Skulls, Lions And The Super Mario Brothers: Amazing Transformations Of A Young Make-Up Artist

Belinda Maines, From Newcastle is a self taught special effects make up artist who creates designs at home in her bedroom taking up three hours a time. She mostly uses her self as a model but occasionally practice on her boyfriend.

Prachtige 2D gezichtspaint

Fstoppers alexander khokhlov 6 Artist Turns Models Faces Into Optical Illusions With Makeup. This series is the work of both Alexander and a Moscow makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan.

Using Just Make Up, Russian Artist Transforms Faces Into Mind-Blowing Optical Illusions (Photos)

Moscow-based photographer Alexander Khokhlov and makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan have teamed up to create an amazing series of portraits, using the natural lines of models’ faces to create illusionary forms.


Halloween makeup Im still loving the sad clown looks McHardy McHardy McHardy McHardy McHardy Taylor Smith