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Happens all the time.
Rule the lands in this T-rex flip up shirt. An exclusive to the Crazy Dog T-shirt line, this is the shirt that started it all. The T-Rex flip shirt is a single tee that flips over your head to turn you in to a Tyrannosaurus Rex when someone asks you about your T-Rex. Available in Green, Grey, Red, and Blue.
Not the last one, eek. But most
[INTP] You Know You're An INTP When...| I can actually relate to this. My thought processes are so bizarre that I couldn't even begin to plot them out.
I go crazy inside when I think about you. How you would look in certain outfits and what we would be like together. Please never forget us. We are good for each other.
IMy little sister told me that she liled Harry Potter but not the books, I got really angry inside and was like you aren't a real HP fan then. But of course since she is my little siter, I told her to not say that in front of me or any othet HP fan. EVER. I told her that I only let het off the hook bc she was my little sistet.
There's a time and a place for swearing , and lessons children should be taught on why one might feel the need to say those as a adult!  Example: when you curse at a car which nearly smashed your precious cargo your carrying inside your car. Don't deny it, I know I'm not flying solo here.
Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day 24 Pics
Whyy can't stuff like this happen to me?
you just realized...... it took me a couple tries to fix it, my brain must be damaged!!!!!