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Long Way Down

Long Way Down by Michael Sears - Working as a financial investigator after two years in federal prison, Jason Stafford looks into a biofuel engineer's claims about being set up by dangerous adversaries.

The Last Good Man: A Novel

My thought on closing the book : Pfff the end is botched and too easy. A pity, it could have been so good!

Fiction Book Cover Design Samples by Damonza

Check out over 500 fiction book cover design samples made by Damonza Book Cover Design. We also have Non-Fiction book cover, formatting & trailer samples.

Missing, Presumed By Susie Steiner

Read online British Detectives, Crime, Literary book "Missing, Presumed: A Novel" by Susie Steiner. A page-turning literary mystery that brings to life the complex and wholly relatable Manon Bradshaw, a strong-willed detective assigned to a high-risk miss

https://www.adlibris.com/se/product.aspx?isbn=1447207874 | Titel: The Sculptress - Författare: Minette Walters - ISBN: 1447207874 - Pris: 87 kr

The Sculptress by Minette Walters, I love this author. This is my favorite of her books.

The Passenger: A Novel by F. R. Tallis

The Passenger: A U-boat commander undertakes a daring mission in this wartime novel full of tense action and romantic respite. Set in the early just as the United States is entering World War II, this gripping story that traces the decisions of the.

Book review: ‘The Abominable,’ by Dan Simmons - The Washington Post

Book review: ‘The Abominable,’ by Dan Simmons