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Mackerel sky.

Mackerel sky.

Lake Tahoe, California | THE BEST TRAVEL PHOTOS | Bloglovin

Lake Tahoe, California (THE BEST TRAVEL PHOTOS)

Temple Entry, Japan photo via amy. Hard to believe the same nation that perpetuated the rape of Nanking and the Bataan Death March, also gives us rock gardens and some of the most beautiful and tranquil places on earth.

Ponte Kintai,  Iwakuni, Japão

Japan Travel Inspiration - Kintai Bridge, Iwakuni, Japan Dying to go for cherry blossom season!

Zushi station in dawn

Zushi station in dawn

足立美術館庭園(島根) Japanese garden in Adachi Museum, Shimane, Japan

Japanese garden in Adachi Museum, Shimane, Japan

Hasedera Temple

Sakura Cherry Blossom, Cherry Blossoms, Roof Tiles, Nikon D700, Kamakura, Japanese Architecture, Nara, F1, Temples

Arashiyama  #Kyoto#Japan  photography Kinichi Maeda

The photograph world of Maeda Kinichi

the approach to Taiseki-jij temple, Shizuoka, Japan

the approach to Taiseki-jij temple, Shizuoka, Japan. Most Asian creations appear simplistic. The reality is- intense thought and consideration coupled with careful planning and execution.

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Beautiful landscape from the Sun Sea and Mountains -Yosemite at sunset- California - USA. one of my favorite places on earth.