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It's Peter Capaldi, The Doctor, in a TARDIS onesie. I'm so happy I can't take it.

A Guys Guide to Pajamas

But Peter! Would you ever wear a onesie? “I will never wear a onesie. Not unless I’m captured by a race of onesies. SOS, Doctor in distress!

.Peter Capaldi.

How Peter Capaldi Melted The Hearts Of "Doctor Who" Fans Everywhere

Peter Capaldi, photographed by Tim Richmond for Harpers & Queen, January Well hello there good looking!

I beat up on Matt Smith a bit and welcome the 12th http://planetgeek.geekblog.com/

"I honestly think that is one of the most beautiful things about this series. The doctors, especially the new ones, are in fact fan boys, playing out their dream." Tennant had the same dream too

The 12th Doctor sets off to find her. | 9 Predictions For The 12th Doctor’s Pilot Episode As Told By Peter Capaldi GIFs

9 Predictions For The 12th Doctor's Pilot Episode As Told By Peter Capaldi GIFs

I can't wait! I really hope 12 and river get to be together! That would be so legit bc when the doctor regenerate. It would be awesome if he finally remembered

Peter's first read-through. AWWWWWW. THIS IS TOO ADORABLE. <3 <3

Peter's first read-through. I love him already!<< welcome to the Whoniverse Mister Capaldi<<awwww! He's so happy!<<Guys, the door in the background looks like the Tardis door!