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Read Chapter 17 from the story Shaded Tornado by RahmalHarry_Girl (Rahmaxox) with 15 reads.

(There is something about the community helping animals that really melts my heart. Animals need help too!)

A firefighter gives water to a koala during the devastating Black Saturday bushfires that burned across Victoria, Australia, in Koalas will drink water if there is a bush fire or it is too hot. Normally they get their water from eating eucalyptus leaves.

Modern Hepburn

Simply Creative: Arts and Crafts - Embroidered Eye Illustrations by Sam P.

The Messes of Men

eumycota: “dpcphotography: “ Lake District Cottages ” I wish I could live there. I love the Lake District.

Мезенцев С.Д., д.ф.н., проф. (Москва) ПОНЯТИЕ ВРЕМЕНИ В РИТМОЛОГИИ Е.Д. МАРЧЕНКО Центральной категорией в ритмологии Е.Д. Марченко[1] является понятие времени. Время есть изменение, движение, момен…

Мезенцев С.Д. Понятие времени в ритмологии Е.Д. Марченко

Did The USA Invent Time Travel? Government conducted the mysterious Philadelphia Experiment.

Surrealism Art, Iris, Irise, Surreal Art, Irises, Bearded Iris

****Aneta Ivanova- Her works a lot of time use birds and a face. I have always loved things merging and becoming something else, and I love that it's birds and a face. She merges them so flawlessly that it makes you really look at the image and break it apart to see what steps she took and how she did it. It's a truly amazing image and I love that you can see the detail of the bird all the way through, even on the lips.

These Emotion-filled Double Exposure Photography Are Just Stunningly Beautiful

have a house in the middle of nowhere

Kenai Fjords, Alaska - Clear water + waterfront hut style home on an evergreen covered mountainside.