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Not Photoshopped: Beam of Light Shines on Fallen Soldier’s Miracle Dog. Photo taken by ABC News Kimberly Launier. Read article and watch video.

Sean Misner Memorial: Firefighters Salute Fallen Hero On 500-Mile Journey Home --- PHOTOS : Arizona Firefighters Remembered

"A hero isn't measured by the size of your strength but by the strength or your heart." The night has fallen and the beautiful glow of Disney magic begins to shine. Before the train leaves the station I leave you addicts with this. The strongest person alive isn't the person with the biggest muscles but the biggest heart. It takes heart to live this wild train ride we call life. Have a great night addicts! May all your dreams come true. #disneylandaddictionfc #waltsoriginalpark…

“Graceful and gorgeously seductive, Aphrodite possessed a magic girdle that made Her irresistable to all who saw Her (and which She often lent out to other Goddesses such as Hera). She was officially married to Hephaestos, the crippled god of the forge, though Her numerous affairs resulted in numerous children. By Ares She bore Phobos (‘Fear’) and Deimos (‘Terror’); by Hermes, Hermaphrodite; by Dionysos, Priapos; and by Anchises, a mortal, the hero Aeneas.” [2] Aphrodite also had fallen in…

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