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The Problem 5 (http://img06.deviantart.net/26db/i/2016/210/6/e/skelefam__don_t_have_to_hide_pt_5_by_thebombdiggity666-dabsa06.png)

Swiggity Swayyin, you ain't no Super Saiyan! Im Rachel and I am from Vancouver Island, Canada. I'm a raging DBZ fan at the moment but my interests still very from many things. I love all art (maybe.

Hey! So I now have 1150 followers now… Holy shit! I gained 900 some followers over the course of 5 weeks!As a celebration, I am drawing this short comic with Dadster and the Skelefam bec...

Welp, I didn& have as much time this week so here is what we got. 1 page. sorry for the cliff-hangers and shit. Sorry the art is crappy I went kind of fast.

I don't play battlefield but this applies to all first person shooters

Battlefield 3 Problems...

Ever Wondered How Jason and Freddy Netflix and Chill?

11 Best Serial Killer Movies On Netflix You Must Watch (April 2017)

Don't Have to Hide pt 22. by TheBombDiggity666

Do not fear, I am far from done this series! I am just going to finish my other comic befo. Don't Have to Hide pt

DA:O witch hunt, many outcomes by jubah on deviantART

I was looking at some witch-hunt-morrigan-related fan works and realized that my dalish must be the only character who romanced Morrigan and accepted he. DA:O witch hunt, many outcomes

Sometimes humans come up with useful things ;D Soooo. In short. Merry Christmas. Or Holidays. Or Food Feast. Or No School Days. Or Two Videogames Weeks. Or whatever you celebrate <3 on tumblr&nb...

Hades finding Thanos<<<< This isn't really Percy Jackson but I'm pinning it to this board anyways<<<am i the only one who noticed the Tarzan parallel?