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Maja Fringed Tulips x 10 Bulbs New this season Stunning Yellow Flowers

Yellow Fringed Tulip -  Fringed tulips got their name from the distinct frayed edge on their petals. This fringe may be the same color as the rest of the petal or it may contrast. The frayed edging comes from mutations in tulips of various categories, so the blooming time and heights vary. Most bloom in mid to late season and can reach 30 inches tall.

Fringed hybrid tulips - Get detailed growing information on this plant and hundreds more in BHG's Plant Encyclopedia.

Purple Fringed Tulip

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our-amazing-world:  tulip by * Yumi *, v Amazing World

Tulips are coming! Still knee deep in snow and there is a promise of tulips in the air! by * Yumi *

Tulip, warm yellow with soft burgundy pink, awesome.

Pink & Yellow Tulips - Lovely - look how beautifully those leaves nurture its interior. How often do we humans nurture our own souls? ::: Lovely thought and gorgeous tulips.

Elegant double flowers with the perfect mix of gold and orange for an almost rose-like bloom. Beautiful! (Narcissus)

Double Daffodil Bulbs Tahiti

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