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انا أخوك اللي ليا طحت شالك, لا ضامتك دنياك والوقـت بك مال أنا يميـنك شـدني في شمالك, يمنى بلا يسرى ترى حالها حال , أنا عزك وعـزوتك لاجـرى لك من تاعس الدنيا هواجيس واهوال

Season when Sam was still the baby brother, and Dean could still hold him sometimes.


Supernatural -- "Stairway To Heaven" -- Image -- Pictured: Jared Padalecki as Sam -- Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW -- © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

My Pinterest did a thing that was so awesome, I had to share. #Supernatural #Jensen #Misha #ThisTotallyJustHappened #AndItWasPerfect #Destiel #Cockles

My Pinterest did a thing that was so awesome, I had to share. #Supernatural #Jensen #Misha #ThisTotallyJustHappened #AndItWasPerfect #Destiel #Cockles

Huge character development that makes me wanna sob.--- And not long after. It all went to Hell as usual.

Allo le regard de fou

This is Jensen Ackles who plays Dean Winchester in Supernatural. I would wear this jacket if I were a Time Lord. I think he would get upset if I tried to wear him as well. ETA: But I would try to wear him as well, yes indeed.

HAHAHAH video.  winchester logic.  You two are lucky you have your looks.

You two are lucky you have your looks. I was dying of laughter and suffering from second-hand embarrassment, even though I've seen the whole show.

House of Memories - Panic! At the Disco | Supernatural 1967 Chevy Impala...

So seriously AWESOME - Top 10 Most awesome Music Moments in Supernatural

Get a man who can do both.

I really really should start watching Supernatural. Dean Winchester makes my heart giggle and he isn't even British! Does his nationality matter.

Crowleys face is always the bast same with his reactions! Crowley and cas will always be my favorite and they fight for first place sometimes

Bloody hell is funny because he is the king of hell and if he gets shot then there properly will be lots of blood in hell