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Those Bewilderbeasts don't look happy about how Hiccup and Toothless are flying towards the camara.... just saying it's not very nice to fly at others shooting fire from your mouth.... unless you wanna kill them, then it's okay. :P

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Commission for Wayne Adams. Sword of truth, dragon of ignorance.

4 hours with mouse and sketchbook pro (this is the first time i try to use something different than ms paint XD ) coloured version: [link] Oriental Dragon, Lineart

Earth Dragon

Earth Dragon Slayer Magic (地球ドラゴン殺害者マジック Chikyū Doragon Satsugai-sha Majikku) is a type of Caster Magic, Lost Magic, and Dragon Slayer Magic revolving around the.

Elemental Concepts by *DragonsAndBeasties on deviantART

Spent yesterday doing some quick concepts of elemental dragon and pony designs.

Reading Dragon

WHAT WE SEEE - "Book Wyrm" a book-eating dragon who loves to devour his favorite books, drawn by Tony DiTerlizzi for his daughter’s school book fair

Dragon-A-Day 067 by Mythka on DeviantArt

Theme: Spring Colors March 7 - Fresh Cut Grass This dragon belongs to (FA) Visit my Patreon to become a patron. Dragon-A-Day 067


illustration of a girl painting while sitting on a dragon's head in the middle of piles of books

Kousyuuya - Bon Expose - Museum of Art and Design

It is believed that the image of the dragon brings luck, prosperity, wealth and health …etc to homes, while expelling the evil spirits. Dragons are…


Dragonkin Part II - Silverwing and Syrax by Feliche Dragon Fantasy Myth Mythical Mystical Legend Dragons Wings Sword Sorcery Magic