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Doggy Dining Table

Made from 100% recycled pallets, this dining table is perfect for our large fur baby. He cant push over his water or food bowl as he eats as most dogs ...

Pallet Coffee Table

Love building with pallets? This fun project uses three pallets to make a unique coffee table. I like this design, because it gives you a flat, even surface on the top, which is not always easy to achieve with pallets.

Pallet table (UPDATE!!)

DON'T GORGET TO VOTE FOR ME IN THE WOOD SECTION!!collect a pallet with small pieces of wood and with straight legs for the tabel.Tools/Material i needed:jig sawmiter saw rule pencil screw glue sander hand planer screw machine drill

Pallet Doggy Dining Table

100% recycled pallet doggy dining table. Custom made to the comfort and height of the dog. This one is for Charlie, our English Pointer! :) Submitted by: Haniel Wilson !…

Outdoor Pallet Table in 15 Minutes

Diy Projects. 89 likes · 9 talking about this. This page will provide several different ideas and tutorials about do it yourself (DIY) projects. These...

Pallet Coffee Table with Lifting Top and Landing Gear

With a lift-up top, your coffee table can serve as an impromptu desk or dining table. This DIY version is made out of pallets and features a pedal-controlled wheel system so you can smoothly move the table.

Handmade, trendy, sofa | entry table made from reclaimed pallets. Join the pallet furniture trend. ♥ eco-friendly pallet tables. reclaimed. rustic. furniture.

Pallet Light // Lamp // Bedside Table. Reclaimed, Recyled, Upcycled, Industrial. Table. Stool

Multifunction Coffe Table With Storage, Slide Out And Lift. Build From Euro Pallets

This multifunctional pallet coffee table looks great in your living room. It has the convenient slide out and lift top functions. When you open up the table, you will be surprised at how huge the inside storage space is.