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Teen Titans Stranded

Teen Titan version of I love you. -- The one episode that they focuses on Starfire and Robin, and they could not have done it better. It reminds me why I love Robin.

Haunted house reactions! by MegS-ILS on DeviantArt

by MegS-ILS on DeviantArt<<< let's be honest. it would be robin hanging on starfire

Disney Conspiracy

Disney Conspiracy

glimpses 3 by *limey404 on deviantART

glimpses 3 by on deviantART Beast boy has always been my favorite raven a very very close second.<<< My fave is Starfire :) and then it's beastboy, robin, raven, and cyborg is last (I never really was a big fan of him as much as the others)

(Young Justice/Teen Titans) Nightwing/Dick Grayson and Kid Flash/Wally West

Exercise? I Thought You Said Extra Fries!

Exercise Or Extra Fries

Which is why my brain automatically finds songs to match things people say

Poor Starfire...did Robin apologise for this? I can't remember...

I feel like a horrible person for saying this was one of my favorite episodes. I just love seeing my favorite characters broken and put back together.