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Death March and Research of WWII B-24 POW Stalag Lufts of WW2

B-24 pilot who turned spy, saved 1,000 US POWs from certain death at Soviet hands - https://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/b-24-pilot-who-turned-spy-saved-1000-us-pows-from-certain-death-at-soviet-hands.html

Listen LIVE Aug 25, 2016 9pm EDT or anytime later 24/7 to: Navy Captain Gerald Coffee Vietnam Veteran; 7 years 9 days North Vietnam POW; Advisory Board of R4Alliance and Vietnam Veteran William S. Potter; Chairman of the Board R4Alliance. Please SHARE More Info: http://thankyouforyourservice.us/issue/august-2016-100th-issue/article/listen-to-vietnam-vet-bill-potter-and-vietnam-vet-pow-cpt-gerald-coffee-r4alliance-board Direct to Listen 24/7: http://tobtr.com/9172439

From German Prisoner of War to American Citizen. Tuesday, February 24th - 7:00 pm at Lake Oswego Public Library Hear Barbara Schmitter-Heisler speak about her research concerning German POWs who immigrated to the United States after the war. This research has resulted in the publication of several articles as well as a book entitled, From German Prisoner of War to American Citizen: A Social History with 35 Interviews.

AMERICANS ACCOUNTED FOR: Since the National League of POW/MIA Families Newsletter, November 24, 2014, 11 US personnel have been announced as accounted for, including one this week, US Army SGT Rodney L. Griffin, previously listed as missing in Cambodia. (DoD announcements are often delayed far beyond the ID dates.) Read those most recently announced. Please SHARE http://thankyouforyourservice.us/issue/april-2015/article/recent-american-pow-mia-accounted-for

Three tunnels were built by the airmen in Stalag Luft III - they called them Tom, Dick and Harry - the latter was used by 76 POWs to break out on March 24, 1944

Sex In Pagan Rome | The American Conservative - Slavery, “an inherently degrading institution,” was “absolutely fundamental to the social and moral order of Roman life.”

After Insurance Industry Pow-Wow, White House Delays Obamacare's Individual Mandate By Six Weeks...EXCEPT THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT SPECIFICALLY STATES ONLY CONGRESS CAN DELAY THE INDIVIDUAL MANDATE!!!

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