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The exact moment I sold my soul to this show

"The exact moment I sold my soul to this show"<<<This is so true-- Same! ~~~Hahahaa me too! <-- Guys we did it, we pin-pointed the time that it happened. The time we all turned into Sherlockians and went CumberCrazy <<-- Haha this

A Miniature 221B Baker Street In An Altoid Tin

altoid tins collage, miniatures, space, Baker Street in a Altoid tin by artist Nichola “Knickertwist” Battilana.

Sherlock On Tumblr #9

The one with Mark patting Martin is precious because martins face omg it gives me life

In case you're wondering the gist of "Sherlock."  Pretty much my friends' reactions to me fangirling.

26 Reasons Sherlock Is The Best TV Show Ever

Benedict Cumberbatch being typical cooky Sherlock Holmes as Martin Freeman watches on as Doctor John Watson


Beautiful panorama of Sherlock's apartment. It is a flat. (sorry, i'm very particular about these things)

221b Baker Street

The layout of the main level of the apartment

Sherlock’s house.anyone else wonder where John's room is? Tell me if you know!<<< I like the quotation marks around kitchen.

Martin Freeman's reaction to Sherlock losing to Downton Abbey. I love Amandas reaction to his reaction. (GIF)

The most awesome images on the Internet

Martin Freeman’s reaction upon hearing “Downton Abbey” won best series over his show “Sherlock” at the National Television Awards.

Sherlock solving a problem…


But is He Real?

The Vashta Nerada have got this. Count the shadows. Count the shadows. Count the shadows.