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FOX News - Opinion - Opinion Posts - The weakening of America -- Obama and Benghazi one year later

Despite President Obama’s pledge to “hunt down” the Islamic jihadists who slaughtered four brave Americans in Benghazi in cold blood, to date, not one suspect has been killed or apprehended.

Allegations by a non-profit group that there are 30,000 dead people registered to vote in North Carolina have received play in local and national media (including Fox News) over the last week -- what isn't being reported, however, is the group's history of making false allegations of voter fraud or the larger pattern of finding no merit to "dead voter" accusations.

CNN’s Stephen Moore Accidentally Confirms Trump Was Lying About Commitment To Protect Medicaid

The Democrats America with their controlled News Media planning to make movies about Hillary to view before the 2016 election! TALK ABOUT MIND CONTROL......

Andy Rooney knew what objective journalism looks like.and Fox "News" Channel isn't it - What Would Jack Do

Treason: White House warns GOP Congress that the president will veto Keystone XL legislation  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bay-State-Conservative-News/232712126794242

White House issues veto threat over Keystone pipeline bill

Billions for others, cuts for military pay. SECDEF Hagel to unveil plan to cut personnel cuts - AGAIN!

Isn't that the truth! Take no more than a grain of salt, you can only handle so much crap per day.

Mainstream news media - Harmful if swallowed. I laughed when i saw this because it shows how mainstream media constantly forces ideologies down our throats, for better or for worse.

I'm usually not one to flaunt my political views, but I love this! Fox News summed up in one image

Fox News summed up in one image

sign: FOX News: Rich people paying Rich people to tell Middle Class people to blame Poor people

The top image is a fun little pin circulating among dunder-headed conservative boards. The bottom part provides the actual context. It doesn't take much to froth up the ignorant masses. Just take something out of context, piece together some pseudo-conspiracy, and ... voilà! You have Fox News fodder for the bloated consumer of conservative groupthink.

The top image is a fun little pin circulating among dunder-headed conservative…